Dental Sealants Can Help Prevent Cavities on Your Molars and Premolars

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Cavity prevention is very important for maintaining the health of your teeth and the efficient function of your mouth. If you have deep pits and fissures on the tooth enamel biting surfaces of your molars and premolars, it could gradually trap bacterial material. In time this could cause large and uncomfortable areas of tooth decay to form.

If your routine dental exam reveals a situation like this, one of our Geza Locsey DDS dentists in Reynoldsburg, Ohio might recommend cleaning the area and applying dental sealants. This is a special dental-grade resin that creates an impervious barrier along the biting surface on each of your back teeth. Even if plaque and food reside become trapped in the deeply textured areas they will still be denied direct access to the healthy tooth enamel.

Dental sealants are designed to be durable enough to resist wear from biting, chewing and regular tooth-brushing. Maintaining good oral hygiene can allow the dental sealants to protect your molars and premolars for up to two years. Regular brushing won’t damage the sealants, so you should freely clean the biting surfaces as you do the rest of your pearly whites.

If you live in the Reynoldsburg, Ohio area and are concerned about the long-term health of your back teeth, we invite you to call 614-866-1234 to schedule an appointment at Geza Locsey DDS. Dr. Geza Locsey, Dr. Linda Smith, and Dr. Carly Locsey look forward to helping you with all of your smile needs!