Is Mouthwash the Extra Cleaning Product Your Smile Lacks?

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If you seek optimum oral health care, there are always additional treatment methods you can use on your smile beyond the traditional brushing and flossing.  One such cleaning method that has been proven highly effective after meals is mouthwash.

Is mouthwash the extra cleaning product your smile lacks? The benefits of mouthwash include the following:

– Choosing which mouthwash to use does not have to be done alone, as you can ask your dentist for product recommendations.

– Mouthwash can be used to keep your smile healthy by eradicating plaque buildup and harmful acids which cause dental erosion.

– If you are occasionally suffering from bad breath, mouthwash can help to freshen breath and temporarily relieve you of the symptoms.

– Upgrade the look of your smile by using mouthwash products that contain teeth whitening treatments.

– Numerous mouthwash products can produce a wide variety of services including enamel protection, teeth whitening, fresh breath, and bacteria removal.

– For additional safety and security, only select mouthwash products that have been given the ADA’s Seal of Acceptance.

Depending on your oral health care, our dentist at Geza Locsey DDS can help you find which treatment will work best for you. Dr. Geza Locsey and our team would love to see you at our dentist office in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. To schedule an appointment, please call us at 614-866-1234. Stop by, and take the time to focus on your oral health care.