The Key to a Great Smile with Toothache Treatments

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Toothaches refer to infections within teeth. These are also referred to as abscesses and can be caused by numerous ailments including tooth decay, periodontal disease, or even a cracked tooth. Toothaches are hazardous to your health because they can lead to numerous other ailments due to the fact they leave teeth vulnerable to further damage. If bacteria enter the pulp of the tooth, it can lead to pulp death in which case a root canal therapy will be needed, or the tooth will need to be extracted.

Several symptoms of toothaches are often present that can alert you to if you are suffering from infections to a tooth. If you’re taking medications but the pain is still felt even after using them, it could be the result of a toothache. In addition, if severe pain lingers 24 hours after a tooth extraction, or swelling in your face occurs with the rise of an abscess, and noticeable discharge is seen around the tooth, it could be the result of a toothache. In addition, if you have recently suffered and oral accident or injury, or if a TMJ disorder has occurred, toothaches can be present. Furthermore, commonly seen symptoms of toothaches include unexplained fevers and facial rashes.

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